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  • Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc. Vancouver BC.Canada
  • Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc. Vancouver BC.Canada
  • Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc. Vancouver BC.Canada
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Children's Treatment

The Columbia Speech and Language staff has been an integral part of my daughter's support team. Their continuing hard work and skill has been instrumental in my daughter's ability to successfully communicate and interact with the world.
- John B

How we work with families                                       

autism treatment, stuttering help, children's speech therapy, asperger's treatment, pronunciation, articulation, speech delay At Columbia, we firmly believe that parents and families know their children best. We are here to listen to the concerns that lead people to enquire about speech therapy for their children.

In many cases, parents simply need to be reassured that their child's speech and language development is okay. Some kids may need a gentle nudge to put their emerging speech and language skills on track. Others may need speech therapy for coping with weak speech and language skills that are affecting their academic or social success or hindering their development of healthy self-esteem. 

Columbia therapists use a practical, hands-on approach that may include any member of a client's "team" - including, for example: parents, siblings, friends, teachers, other therapists, and where relevant, insurance company representatives, physicians, or anyone else who is part of the child's life.  For young children we often use play-based therapy which is fun and engaging.

Treatment is available in our Vancouver office or, for a fee, our therapists will travel to the child's home, school, or preschool. We offer the option of coming to where the child will get the greatest benefit from our services, provided the facility allows outside staff.

How to register

Children may be referred to Columbia directly by their parents or by other speech-language pathologists, family doctors, pediatricians, teachers, psychologists, orthodontists, occupational therapists, or others.

If eligible, children may be referred by a fee-paying agency such as the Insurance Corporation of B.C., Crime Victims Assistance Program of B.C., The Community Brain Injury Program for Children and Youth, or by one of several charities.

Weekend and after school appointments available!

Contact Columbia at 604-875-9100 to discuss your needs or make a referral.  Our receptionist is available to personally answer your calls from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday.

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