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  • Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc. Vancouver BC.Canada
  • Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc. Vancouver BC.Canada
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Accent Reduction

Tracey brings a great deal of professionalism and patience to her teaching. I have benefited enormously from her instruction. Having had English as a second language for many years, I learned for the first time how Canadian English should be spoken and how it should sound.
- Lauren

Would you like to reduce your accent and speak English more clearly?

Since 1987, Columbia Speech and Language Services, Inc. has had a Vancouver Accent Reduction course designed especially for each of our valued clients.

We are the first clinic in Western Canada to have brought the methods and techniques of clinical speech therapy to accent modification training. After all of these years, we are still under the management of clinic founder and award-winning speech-language pathologist, Wendy Duke. She has been joined by veteran speech-language pathologist and accent specialist, Tracey Jalovec, who has been running all of our accent reduction programs for over 16 years. Unlike other agencies, Columbia Speech and Language Services, Inc. is not a franchise of a large international or national business chain; with the owner of our clinic on-site, we are able to quickly and flexibly meet the foreign accent reduction training needs of each of our clients, including you! 

With 27 years of experience, we are the premier centre in Vancouver for accent reduction!

If English is not your first language, improving your Canadian pronunciation can:

  • Improve your ability to express yourself
  • Prevent miscommunications
  • Help your clients and colleagues recognize the value of your ideas
  • Improve your English pronunciation

We've helped hundreds in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland with their accents and Canadian pronunciation improvement.

Our Accent Reduction Methods

We will give you excellent, practical accent reduction training. Our Registered Speech-Language Pathologists are located in central Vancouver. They will help you learn to speak dynamically. You will learn to use the pronunciation and intonation of Canadian English.

Three Accent Reduction Programs

Choose from three pre-paid accent reduction programs: private tutorials, or small group training, or intensive accent reduction programs that combine both private and group sessions. You will begin with an Initial Accent Reduction Consultation ($200). You and your Speech Therapist will choose the most suitable accent reduction program for you. Here is an overview of our programs.

Overview of Accent Reduction Programs

Private Sessions Group Sessions Intensive Program
$1,740.00 $900.00 $1,740.00
12 sessions @ 50 minutes 10 sessions @ 90 minutes 10 group sessions @ 90 minutes
10 private sessions @ 30 minutes

 See the Accent Reduction Methods & Programs page for further details regarding our programs.

Note: Please note that additional fees may apply if you do not complete your program within six months.

A pay-as-you-go option is also available. A 50-minute private session is $175. Please note that bonus sessions, complementary reports, workbooks, and audio practice materials are reserved for our pre-paid clients.

Start Reducing Your Accent Today!

To make an appointment for your initial consultation and accent analysis, contact Columbia Speech and Language Services at 604-875-9100 or

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